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Interest Groups

Interest groups are a great way to meet new friends and have lots of fun.  Current year dues must be paid to participate.  Membership is from June 1st - May 31st.  Contact the Interest Group chairpersons for more information about any of these groups.  Sign up to join as many Interest Groups as you like at any membership meeting. Most groups encourage a donation that goes toward creating a basket for the annual fund raiser. Join us for the 2017-2018 year.

Adventure Group
th Tuesday, Field trips and lunch
Times and locations to be announced
 Barbara Walker and Bea Seybert

Antiques (Treasure Hunters)
4th Wednesday
Meeting Place to be announced
Andrea McCormack

Appetizers and Desserts
Couples & Singles
nd Saturday 6:00 PM, in homes
Rudette Hack

Bunco Babes
nd Monday 7:00 PM @ Cindy’s Home
Cindy Gloyna

3rd Wednesday at 9:00 AM
at the Senior Center
Julie Green

Hiking (Trail Blazers)
1st Wednesday (alt. 3rd Wed)
Times and locations to be announced
Cindy Gloyna & Kim Tilley

Kayaking (The Paddle Loons)
3rd Thursday
Times and locations to be announced

Cindy Herren & Sue Spoley

Ladies of the Craft
1st Friday at 9:00 AM
Location to be announced
Jan O’Neill

Mah Jongg
1st and 3rd Wednesday 12:30 PM
nd and 4th Thursday 10:00 AM
Senior Center
Donna Ninemire

Out to Lunch Bunch
2nd Thursday, at restaurants
Mary Fritz
(through Dec 2017)

4th Monday, 10:00 AM
Senior Center
Sue Potter
Barb McFerron

Wine Tasting
th Thursday every other month
Times and locations to be announced
Marty Martin

You do not need to belong to Neighbor and Friends TableRock Lake to participate

Table Rock Garden Club
rd Monday, 10:00 AM
Lutheran Church
Ro Maresh

Kimberling Area Library
Volunteer at the library
Ro Maresh, Volunteer Coordinator